Category: Brighter Mind Space


Performance Evaluation

Number Cruncher When it comes to people, there is a lot of emotional overcharge. Feelings, sensations, opinions. Get out of the biased attitudes and rely upon a transparent, equitable and consistent... Read more


Continuous Learning

The learning experience is a continuous process. Past the 21 days of consolidating a behavior, there are 3-6 months of needed focus. What do the employees remember from the course or the workshop?... Read more


Competency Development

Training, Coaching and Mentoring TRAINING The benefits generated by an employee training aren’t only the acquirement of theoretical knowledge, but also behavioral change factors, to be observed... Read more


Customized Competency Approach

Competency by request Identifying the real development needs aids in the process of setting the objectives for the training program. We can create a brighter mind space fitting the development... Read more