Power and Effectiveness to Middle Management

Who is your Middle Management?

Middle Managers represent your company’s talent pool. They are the future top management, the future leaders of your organization.
This is why investing in your middle management is a smart move.

Why should you empower your Middle Management?

Here are some of the major benefits:

  • Accurate interpretation and efficient implementation of your top management’s strategies and plans
  • Enlightening contributing to your organization’s development and success
  • Ensures your organization’s future leaders
  • Spot high-potentials and prepare them for evolution in the organization, empowering the next generation of leaders
  • Manage and motivate employees to perform outstandingly, driving the organization’s success and productivity
  • Represent your organization at the highest levels in front of the clients, suppliers and other 3rd parties pivotal to image on the market

Our Solutions:

  • Assess the organization’s internal ability to improve and develop middle management.
  • Assess middle management, emphasizing strengths and weaknesses of each person, as well as the group’s team work and identifying high-potentials.
  • Prepare tailored training and development plans for each middle manager, as well as for the entire middle management group. This includes coaching, training, etc.
  • Create career plans and succession plans – both upwards and laterally.
  • Design rotation plans: move middle management sideways in companies, in order to get broader experience and visibility and thus preparing them for a top management position.
  • Design mentorship programs in order to increase middle management development and ascension to higher positions, as well as staff loyalty.
  • Revamp the organization’s compensation&benefits policy in order to incentivize middle manager’s performance and loyalty.
  • Regular re-assessment of both middle management’s performance and the development plans’ effectiveness
Wrap Up!
Let’s bring Vision and Inspiration to your Top Management, together!