Executive Search and Recruitment

Get the best from the market

Use an experienced recruitment consultant to achieve:

  • objectivity
  • confidentiality
  • managing the sensitive issue of directly approaching targeted companies and candidates
  • insights into and knowledge of more industries and sectors
  • possibility of approaching a large network of contacts and in-house database
  • time – and cost – effectiveness for the organization
  • guarantee period for the newly-hired employees
  • external consultancy during the entire induction period and subsequent constant follow-up

The right people will deliver performance quickly

While training and developing your employee’s skills takes a lot of time, and implies a significant financial investment, hiring the right people from the very beginning is a smart move.
This is where we come in, and provide our executive search services, so that you can have:

  • employees
  • new people who fit the team and your company’s culture
  • lower costs with future professional training
  • lower turnover
  • increased performance
Understanding of client need:
assignment definition
Project execution: sourcing, validation and presentation Integration and development: continuous support
Short description Briefing meeting Research & approach Interviews Short-list Hiring process Follow-up
Detailed description Who is the client?
– Activity and market
– Results and objectives
– Organizational culture
– Department and team
Market research
– Sector of activity
– Top players in the local market
– The client’s competition
Direct meetings with the
prescreened eligible and
interested candidates
Presentation files on
the candidates selected with
the client for the short-list
Financial requests
Confirming the remuneration
data gathered during interviews
Ongoing assistance during
the guarantee and
post-guarantee period
What is the client’s
recruitment need:
position description:

– Place and history
in the organization
– Mission in the organization,
main objective in relation
with company objectives
and strategy
– Job description
– Candidate profile
– PerspectivesSetting:

– Deadline
– Budget : salary package ranges
Target companies list:
– Companies active in the
same or in a similar sector
– Companies with a
similar business model
– Companies preferred
by the clientLong list of candidates
– Sourcing passive and active
candidates with identical or
similar positions,
working currently or in
the recent past in
the targeted companies
Competence-based and
behavioral interviews

Analyzing and validating:
-Candidate eligibility
– Match / fit with the
client organization
– Motivations
– Interest in a professional move
– Interest towards the client’s opening
– Current and desired remuneration
Facilitating candidates –
client meetings

(with direct manager, BoD,
international management, as
per client request)Feedback:
Obtaining and sharing
feedbacks from and to both
candidates and clients
Assisting in the preparation,
presentation and negotiation
of the financial offer to
the selected candidateProviding support for
the notice period and
possible legal aspects.
Regular discussions with
both the client and
the candidate.
Assessment of candidate
integration and performance.Appraisal of client
and candidate satisfaction.
Search strategy and
customized approach.
– Confidentiality level
– Off-limits companies
– Prefered target companies and candidates
– Candidates approached
internally / to be avoided
Candidates direct approach
– Compatibility with the
competences that the
client needs
– First assessment of
the candidate interest
and motivation in
a professional move
Discussing with the client
the eligible and interested
candidates’ profile and experience.
>Establishing the
short-listed candidates.
Reference check
Conducting telephone
interviews for formal
and informal references
for the selected candidates
and assembling reference
reports for the client
Induction and integration:
assisting both client and
the candidate during the
first several
weeks on the job
Advising the client on
exploiting the candidate’s
potential to its fullest.
Counseling the candidate
for tapping his/her capacities.
Client deliverables Tailored brief and offer Target-list
Progress reports
Progress reports Candidate presentation files
Reference files
Client quality survey Debriefs on candidate
feedback on integration
Time frame Week 0 Week 1-2 Week 3-4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7->

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Wrap Up!
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