Competency Development

Training, Coaching and Mentoring


The benefits generated by an employee training aren’t only the acquirement of theoretical knowledge, but also behavioral change factors, to be observed on multiple levels: performance, relations with co-workers, motivation, affiliation to the organization, etc.


Where we come in:

We organize training sessions for your employees, using the Mixed Type methodology, in order to increase employee productivity and performance. Our practical approach consists of experiential, dynamic and interactive exercises and insightful debriefing sessions – blended to create a complete learning experience.

Our Training Method in 5 Steps

  1. Delivering the theoretical information and integrating it in the situational needs context
  2. Facilitating active experiencing
  3. Facilitating the actual experience
  4. Encouraging reflexive thinking
  5. Applying the new notions and insights in the day-to-day job

Training Techniques

  • Learning exercises;
  • Questions;
  • Role-playing;
  • Increased sensitivity exercises;
  • Case studies;
  • Brainstorming;
  • Group problem-solving etc.

Our training programs

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Increase your operational competencies

Decisions Power Autonomous management with an accent on assuming responsibilities, decision making, task execution and aligning objectives.

Explore Your Emmotional Treasure Reduce apathy for opportunity. The tough part is to choose to act on the opportunities.

Right Boundaries For Self-confidence Considerate communication, active listening, emotions and fears control, introspection, bias blind spots.

Get ‘More From What You Do’ Get more for less or more for the same resources

Company As An Image Approaching marketing elements for different professional levels, either for marketing specialists (advanced level), or for non-marketing specialists (other specialties), in order to increase marketing elements impact in relation to the market, both internally, and personally.

What Makes You “Tick” How to turn the outside world from reality to motivating energy that determines involvement, either with tasks, prestige, appraisal, self-esteem, integration etc.

Landing The Deal Negotiating and closing commercial transactions and deals by learning how to conduct negotiations, understanding client needs, handling common stratagems, overcoming objections, planning for all contingencies, and other specific practical methods.

The Rest Is Still Unwritten Focus on essentials in various presentations.

Get The Right One Recruitment and selection-orientation on applying specific selection methods, understanding the steps, interview techniques, picking-up references, giving feedback, drafting and presenting offers.

What Goes Around Comes Around How to do things starting with the end result, instrument that aids both the strategic potential, as well as the ability not only to execute, but to lead people and projects. By switching focus from “problem”, this promotes a solution-oriented approach, that maximises success.

Teaching How To Teach / Forward Teaching Learning how to teach, with an emphasis on relationship setting, knowledge transfer methods, training delivery procedures, participants management, inspiring attendees.

Stay True To Yourself / Light-Hearted Business Helping people create personal balance through constructing a rhythm with a double benefit: a personal life and professional excellence.

Be a Winner in Public Tenders Offer the participants efficient specific tools, not only to participate but to maximize a public tender winning chances.

Best Navigator In Project Road Efficient project leading by learning how to plan phases, allocate resources, estimate impact and efficiency versus expected results, adapt to changing circumstances, overcome roadbumps and other specific concepts and instruments.

Manage The 4th Dimension How to organize time for themselves and for the team.

The commercial conqueror Sales skills improvement, with a focus on assessing client needs, managing client buying behavior, gaining client commitment and obtaining repeated business while having a long time partnership approach.

Be Your Customer’s Voice / Speak Your Customer’s Language Standing out in customer relationship and service by learning: to comprehend the customer’s real needs and expectations, to take interest by applying active listening methods, to answer complaints and transform them into future buying reasons, to learn and effectively use strategies for coping with aggressive clients, and other practical approaches to efficient customer management.

Increase your managerial competencies

Plan & Build Business Success Correlate objectives with business environment / other departments, branches.

Lead Creatively Think and react proactively in a business situation.

Guidence On The Acknowledgements Road Offering direction towards building solutions by an active involvement of those who will be coached in the future.

The Harmony Builder / I’m Positive, I’m Here, I’m With You Create a positive attitude in relations & reduce extreme behavior (aggressiveness and passiveness).

Solutions Power How to be creative, oriented towards solutions and not on problems while approaching various business situations.

Build Bridge Over Diversity In some business environments different cultural trends arise, caused either by expansion (multinational companies), either by development (mergers with other companies). In this context, the training develops different approaches in order to create a performance-oriented environment.

Intelligent Task Casting The correct responsibility transfer helps participants involve employees (sharing tasks), motivate them (value appraisal, development), and create paths to become better than their present self’s – by evolving through liberation.

Uplift Your Employees The training offers participants methods through which they can motivate their employees by accountability and by appreciating their contribution and their personal value.

Fast Track To Management It represents an ellaborate program that approaches different basic competencies, for new managers, and for those who present development needs in specific areas, with an MBA type system.

Top Down Information Control Efficient vertical communication tools.

Pay It Forward Developing personal mentoring style, concentrating on essential matters such as using right attitudes, applying mentoring schemes, relationship management, dealing with emotional attachment, avoiding setbacks.

My Personal Performance Map Help your manager help you – in improving job performance.

How Can I Help you? Create best/most efficient relationships with your managers, help them help you – best way to be understood, supported and promoted.

The Extraordinary Sales People Collector How to successfully lead a sales team.

Be involved, Be With Others / Close, Closer, Together How to create a bridge between you and other people, with the benefit of efficiently and positively maximizing your relationships.

Performance Leads to Excellence Helping people reach their potential through setting clear goals, offering positive and constructive feedback, dealing with challenges, coaching to achieve performance and using specific methods of getting the best from subordinates.

Brain Power Experiences may often be approached operationally. Through strategical thinking participants learn how to build and apply a panoramic perspective approach and how this becomes a success generator.

Tap Into Your Team’s Potential We can manage/create the best teams with efficient, attractive techniques – involvement, positive environment, active, creative and proactive engagement.

Let’s See the Best in You / What You See Is What You Get / Expand Your Vision Use of the visual system in management (tools to create a memorable positive impact).

Increase your leadership competency

Enlightened Management Creators Increasing awareness and leadership style by teaching the participants not only to lead, but to inspire, both through personal model and through results, by valuing the organization, as well as by approaching the company’s strategic direction

You as an Image Teaching managers how to promote themselves, discovering and creating personal brand, using personal advantages, turning lower points into advantages, social media management.

Coaching and Mentoring

Both Coaching and Mentoring professional development techniques, meant to create a profound change for the mentee.
Originated in the Socratic philosophy, these methods have proven to be most effective because of the one-on-one approach. create-competency-to-people-big

Although Mentoring and Coaching can be used with any of your employees, bringing an added value, in most cases these methods prevail in certain situations:




Development objective:

·  Performance-oriented competency

The coach:

·  Plays the role of a trainer on competencies and skills which aim at and lead to achieving performance

1 to 1 approach:

·  Is based on the coach’s application of  specific development tools in a structured system which takes into account the company’s objectives


·  Formal


·  Individual development and motivation, applicable primarily in the business environment and secondly on a personal plan.

Development objective:

· Personally-oriented competency (but also a motivation tool)

The mentor:

· Plays the role of a personal development facilitator

1 to 1 approach:

· Is based on building trust and facilitating development in a system which is structured gradually, taking into account the employee’s objectives


· Informal


·  Individual motivation and development, applicable primarily on a personal plan and secondly in the business environment.



Offering Instruments for Personal Development


Analyzing and Applying


Consolidating New Know-How


Harvesting Results

Meeting the Client Directing the Client Client Self Discovery Client Learning Client Assessment
Wrap Up!
Let’s build a strong competency base for your people together!