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Big 4 HR is all about HR; our very name shares our connection to 4 main areas of developing businesses through human resources: executive search & recruitment, HR Consulting services, training, team building. It is an abbreviation of the contribution we bring to our clients’ organizational success, the vehicle for engaging our professional history to our clients’ organization development and business accomplishments.

Our history is the consolidated & combined professional record of each of our consultants (and associates or partners). Thus, we benefit from business and HR management experience in leading multinational companies as well as in boutique consultancy companies. The common denominator is our commitment to an outstanding professional deontology code,  linking all parties involved.

The strength of the Big4HR team comes out of:

  • Experience
  • High professional standards
  • Adaptability to the clients requirements and business model
  • The passion for doing business on an open, relaxed and friendly way

Our team – the keepers of our durable values
We have agreed from the very beginning that our practice will be guided by a strong dedication to and consistent practice of our values: professionalism, quality/ excellence, integrity, ethics, tailored services, focus on (delivering solutions according to the) clients’ needs and respecting dead-lines. These values will be continuously situated at the heart of our services and will constitute the essence of all our professional endeavors.

We consider our relationship with our clients as a genuine partnership and see ourselves as an extension of our clients’ organization, with the added benefits brought by the objective outside image.

Each member of our team brings along personal professional experience and proficiency in various areas of HR. Furthermore, our answers to the clients’ needs are based on a twofold system combining business-related experience and HR-related expertise, both in-house and in consultancy.


Business with a heart

Cultural Redesign

Organizational culture represents the way people make energy flow around your business interests.


Employee Opinion Survey

In your organizational development process, paying attention to your employees, learning their opinions.


Internal Communication

Employees will always talk to each other, therefore it is better to set a list of official conversation topics.



Onboarding is the process through which the employer becomes the control mechanism of an employee’s integration.


Employee Retention

Employee loyalty drives customer loyalty. Our staff loyalty programs heighten your company employer brand as this may very well be considered a criteria by your clients


Team Building

Teams reveal their needs and issues better when exposed to new environments and challenges. They sometimes need time to better understand who is who, and why.



Brighter Mind Space

Competency Development

The benefits generated by an employee training aren’t only the acquirement of theoretical knowledge, but also behavioral change factors


Continuous Learning

The learning experience is a continuous process. Past the 21 days of consolidating a behavior, there are 3-6 months of needed focus.


Performance Evaluation

When it comes to people, there is a lot of emotional overcharge. Feelings, sensations, opinions. Get out of the biased attitudes and rely upon a transparent


Customized Competency Approach

Identifying the real development needs aids in the process of setting the objectives for the training program. We can create a brighter mind space fitting the development directions with real development needs.



Market Through People

Executive Search and Recruitment

While training and developing your employee’s skills takes a lot of time, and implies a significant financial investment, hiring the right people from the very beginning is a smart move.


Improve Customer Experience & Customer Insights

Nevertheless, it is extremely important to align your company’s customer approach to your marketing strategy, enhancing the power of your brand, and creating a strong, powerful image…



Top-Down Management

Leadership and Personal Branding for Managers

Inspirational Leadership is leading people in such a way that they wish to be led. An inspirational leader determines people to do what he/she wants them to do, because they want to do it, and believe in the result.


Power and Effectiveness to Middle Management

Middle Managers represent your company’s talent pool. They are the future top management, the future leaders of your organization. This is why investing in your middle management is a smart move.



We have chosen Big 4 Human Resources as our trusted partner for a major human resources program dedicated to performance and assessment management: they have created and implemented a tailored program which matched our organization’s particularities and have brought valuable ideas and concepts translated into easily applicable tools.Furthermore, we have continued our partnership with Big 4 Human Resources, collaborating on integrated training programs such as „Management Academy” and „Sales Academy”, which targeted management positions and assisted us in developing essential competencies for the sales team.We appreciate their interest in and understanding of our business context, their attention to our organizational needs, the high standards of their consultancy work and the constant follow up on the implemented programs.

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